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Youth Apprenticeship Program
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What is the Youth Apprenticeship Program?


Youth Apprenticeship (YA) is a rigorous statewide elective program for high school juniors and seniors that combine academic and technical classroom instruction with mentored on-the-job learning.  It’s an opportunity for students to experience a career while still in high school. 


How does the Youth Apprenticeship Program work?

  • Students attend their home high school and continue taking courses required to meet graduation requirements.
  • Students take related technical course work, which follows industry standards and is delivered at either the high school, technical college or through industry trainers.
  • Students work 10-20 hours per week during the school year and are encouraged to work during the summer depending on business needs.
  • Employers provide wages, worker's compensation, competency training, and mentoring.
  • Students who master the competencies and graduate from high school, receive a state issued skills certificate.  Students may be eligible for advanced standing at a technical college offering a similar program.
  • There is no commitment from the employer to hire the student or for the student to remain with the employer after graduation.  However, successful experiences have resulted in the student continuing with their employer.
  • Upon completion, all post-secondary options are still open to students:  university, two-year technical programs, adult apprenticeships, other industry training programs and/or employment.  It is important for students to communicate their post-secondary plans with their counselor so all academic requirements are met. 

How do students get involved?


All students apply for the program through their home school districts.  Students must

  • be on track for high school graduation (sophomore or junior standing depending on year applying) 
  • have explored the career area they want to participate in
  • be interested in participating in a hands-on learning experience
  • be at least 16 years of age


Student Application Information 
by Diane Kraus
 9/22/2014 10:51 AM