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DWD Business Fact Sheet

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-Develop a recruitment pipeline and train future employees to your standards
-Increase workforce diversity
-Provide supervisory opportunities for staff
-Work with highly motivated students and create positive relationships with local schools
-Assessment of student for potential long-term employment
-Reduce employee turnover and retraining costs
-Help improve student career planning opportunities

 Students are simultaneously enrolled in academic classes to meet high school graduation requirements, in a Youth Apprenticeship related instruction class, and are employed by a participating employer under the supervision of a skilled mentor.

Work-Based Training: Youth Apprentices work 10-20 hours per week. Summer employment is encouraged. Students are given release time to work during the school day.

Employers flow chart (image) is a visual representation of Employer and Mentor responsibilities. Following is a partial list of responsibilities.

  • Interview and hire YA student(s)

  • Provide on-the-job training to YA student(s) as identified in the Youth Apprenticeship Checklist

  • Pay YA student(s)

  • Participate in regular Progress Reviews

  • Ensure 450 hours per year of worksite training/work hours

  • Comply with child labor laws

Youth Apprenticeship could not exist without the commitment and support by local employers to develop the next generation of workers.

Business Testimonials

Are you interested in learning more about the Youth Apprenticeship program and becoming a training site? Please contact Josh Fassl, Director, Dane County School Consortium
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