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The Wisconsin Health Science YA Program is designed to provide students with a working understanding of core health science industry skills and occupationally specific technical skills in four of the five pathways within the Health Science industry.

This program provides the framework for educators and industry to work together to produce work-ready, entry-level employees that will compete favorably in a global market, as well as, provide for post-secondary educational advancement while integrating work-based learning in the school and worksite.

Check out this Student Career Info video on  CNA  or Pharmacy Technician

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Student Tesitmonial

“Youth Apprenticeship has helped me to begin to achieve my dream of helping others and has strengthened my passion for my future. I have always wanted to help others, and this experience has confirmed that this is something I want to spend my life doing. It makes me more determined to work hard and achieve my goals because I have seen the inside of what my end goal may look like for my future.“

Andrea Wendricks, Class of 2020, Monona Grove

Business Partners that support Youth Apprenticeship:

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