The Marketing Youth Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide students with a working understanding of occupational and technical skills in one of the five pathways within the Marketing Industry. This program provides the framework for educators and industry to work together to produce work-ready, entry-level employees that will compete favorably in a global market, as well as, provide for post-secondary education advancement while integrating work-based learning in the school and at the worksite.

The one or two year Youth Apprenticeship Program includes a 10-15 hours per week paid apprenticeship in an industry setting with specialized instruction, in addition to traditional high school coursework.

This school-to-career program offers experiences applicable to a student with an interest in professional sales, merchandising, communications, research and management.


“I’ve been blessed with two amazing mentors – Lindsay Bauer, Owner of Board & Brush and Karen Weihert. Both of these ladies have been great role models who have helped me to come out of my shell and taught me the ins and outs of running a business. Most importantly, they have been a continuous support team through whatever life throws at me. This job has brought as many laughs as it has learning experiences and that is all thanks to my mentors.”

Mariah Lesar, Class of 2019, Mount Horeb

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Find out more about the Marketing Cluster in Career Cruising

  • Professional Sales
  • Merchandising
  • Communications
  • Research
  • Management
Depending on students interest and options for courses, students can learn a number of things in this career pathway. Students should explore options that can be taken at their local high school. For other options students should contact their School to Career Coordinator.

Career Opportunities

Students in marketing learn and practice skills that prepare them for diverse post-secondary opportunities. These opportunities could include two or four-year college programs, apprenticeships or employment. The Youth Apprenticeship Program in collaboration with Career and Technical Education courses will introduce you to a variety of interesting careers. Check out the DOL Marketing Occupations for more information. Marketing Brochure Career Opportunities:

  • Account Executive
  • Account Supervisor
  • Administrative Support Representative
  • Advertising Manager
  • Analyst
  • Art/Graphics Director
  • Circulation Manager
  • Contract Administrator
  • Copywriter
  • Marketing Associate
  • Media Buyer/Planner
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Trade Show Manager
  • Sales Promotion Manager
  • Research Assistant

Enterance Criteria

  • Entering junior or senior status
  • Display a genuine interest in the Marketing Pathway
  • Have previously enrolled in introductory pathway specific courses
  • Register for concurrent related courses
  • Submit a completed application along with references
  • Interview effectively and get hired
  • Maintain a high level of attendance
  • Secure transportation to the job
  • On-track for high school graduation
  • Marketing Youth Apprenticeship Checklist


  • Marketing
  • Advertising & Sales
  • Sports and Event Marketing
  • Economics
  • International Business
  • Accounting
  • Consumer Education
  • Business Law
  • Selling Principles

Businesses that support Youth Apprenticeship:

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