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Information Technology

Jessie Vultaggio The Information Technology Program is designed to provide students with a working understanding of one or more of the occupational and technical skills in the four pathways (see below) within the IT industry.

This program provides the framework for educators and industry to work together to produce work-ready, entry-level employees that will compete favorably in a global market, as well as, provide for post-secondary educational advancement while integrating work-based learning in the school and worksite.

IT Brochure

General IT Pathway covers IT Essentials which provides basic skills pertinent to working with computer devices and application set up and support.

The Network Systems and Information Support Services Pathway includes the Hardware unit. This unit is appropriate for students who like problem solving while learning more deeply about communication systems between computers to meet business needs.

Programming Software Development and Information Support Services Pathway includes the Software unit. This unit provides opportunities to work with and manipulate the data that is managed by IT systems, as well as, work with professionals to evaluate and customize programming to meet business needs.

The Web Digital Communications Pathway includes the Web & Digital Media unit.  This unit allows students who are interested in computers to combine their strong interests in design and creativity.  Aligned with the Web & Digital Communications pathway, this unit allows students to work on web pages developing content, design and scripts for business purposes.

  • Entering junior or senior status

  • Display a genuine interest in the Information Technology Pathway.

  • Submit a completed application along with references

  • Interview effectively and get hired

  • Maintain a high level of attendance

  • Secure transportation to the job

  • On-track for high school graduation

Courses in the Information Technology Youth Apprenticeship program vary depending on each of the home school districts. Those courses should also relate to the work that students are doing on the job. Other courses can be taken through Madison Area Technical College and Herzing University.

Information Technology Flyer

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