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Given the critical Nature of STEM career fields, job possibilities are plentiful even in times of economic downturn. More scientists, technologists, and engineers will be needed to meet environmental regulations and to develop methods of cleaning up existing hazards. A career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics is exciting and ever-changing. Students who pursue one of these career fields will be involved in planning, managing, and providing scientific research including laboratory testing services and research and development services.

  • Earn college level credit along with gaining work experience valuable to your future career in this area.
  • Plan on release time from school during second semester to go on the job site.
  • Receive the state certificate students when you complete 450 hours of work based learning. (The classroom training does not count toward these hours.)

STEM Brochure


Student involved in the STEM Youth Apprenticeship will  be enrolled into one of two programs: