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Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality, Lodging, & Tourism encompass the management, marketing, and operation of restaurants, lodging,
attractions, recreation events, and travel related services.

ALL hospitality and tourism service workers need to possess good customer service skills. The Hospitality, Lodging, and Tourism YA program is structured to require industry-wide foundational skills and industry-specific technical skills.

This school-to-work program offers a variety of experiences and is applicable for a student who has expressed an interest in customer service, culinary arts, travel, tourism, lodging, or a hospitality business management career. This program makes for an attractive career option for students with a strong desire to work with many different people in travel and leisure services.

YA students are required to perform all of the Core Employability and Safety & Security skills at the worksite.

Level One (one year) YA students choose technical competencies from a MINIMUM of TWO units.

Level Two (two year) YA students complete competencies from a MINIMUM of FOUR units.

  •  Entering junior or senior status
  •  Display a genuine interest in the Hospitality and Tourism Pathway
  •  Submit a completed application along with references
  •  Interview effectively and get hired
  •  Maintain a high level of attendance
  • Secure transportation to the job
  • On-track for high school graduation

Course options for the Hospitality Tourism unit will very depending on which unit of emphasis mentioned above you are pursuing.  Most schools will offer a number of business and marketing courses.  Communication skills are a priority with the this program.  Other courses can be taken at the Madison Area Technical College.

To see what skills are taught at the worksite please click on the Youth Apprenticeship Checklist listed below.

DCSC Hospitality Program Info

Hospitality and Tourism Flyer


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