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Standard 01 – Purpose


The Automobile Technician training program should have clearly stated program goals, related to the needs of the students and employers served.


Documents to collect include the following:

A. – B. Provide a copy of the annual survey and a summary of the results.

The employment potential for automobile technicians, trained to the level for the specialty or general areas outlined in the program goals, should exist in the geographic area served by the program.

Oregon School District is a member of the Dane County School Consortium (DCSC) office which supports the coordination of the Automotive Youth Apprenticeship program for the Dane County Schools and the Automotive Youth Education System (AYES). The Oregon Automotive Staff and Career and Technical staff as well as the Dane County Consortium staff coordinate learning between Oregon High School and Madison College (Madison Area Technical College). All partner members, evaluate employer needs. Dane County School Consortium staff along with Madison College Automotive staff track the number of students who complete the program, go on for further education or obtain employment.

A. Rate the administration and use of an annual survey of employers to determine the needs of their potential employees

Madison College Employer Survey

Youth Apprenticeship Employer Survey

BLS Automotive Technicians

2013 Madison College Graduate Employment Report

WI Department of Workforce Projections

Dane County Workforce and Economic Profile

Dane County Occupational Profile

B. Rate the administration and use of annual survey to determine the percentage of students who complete the program and obtain employment in the automotive industry or continue automotive education.

Youth Apprenticeship Survey

Youth Apprenticeship Student results

YAP Follow Up 2013.14

Madison College Automotive Gainful Employment



Documents to collect include the following:

A. Provide a copy of the brochure and/or catalog with appropriate pages identified (use sticky notes, highlighter, etc. to make the information easy to find).

B.  Identify the location of the program materials and the distribution methods used to provide the information to students.

The Career and Technical Education Coordinator at Oregon High School represents the school district and automotive program at any of the Dane County School Consortium meetings.  Each school representative along with their automotive staff are responsible for marketing the AYES and Youth Apprenticeship Program to their students.  The following websites provide examples of information that students can receive regarding program goals and description.  The Dane County School Consortium office also provides 2 information meetings for students and parents to learn more about the AYES and YA programs.  The instructors for automotive programs are invited to provide detailed information at these information meetings for students interested in pursuing the program.

A. Rate the program material(s) available (brochure, catalog, or website) on the inclusion of the following:

  1.   admission requirements

Oregon High School Curriculum Guide

Dane County School Consortium Automotive Technician

WI Department of Workforce Development Youth Apprenticeship

Student Information Flyer

Student Application

  1. employment potential

WI Department of Workforce Projections

Dane County Workforce and Economic Profile

Dane County Occupational Profile

  1. level of automobile training offered

Maintenance and Light Repair is offered.

H.S. Course Outlines

Madison College Course Outline

Youth Apprenticeship Checklist

Youth Apprenticeship State Curriculum Guide

Oregon H.S. Curriculum Guide

MATC Automotive AYES

  1. cost of tuition and fees

DCSC Consortium Fees

  1. technical qualification of the instruction staff

Lease DPI Certificate

 Lease ASE Certification

Wintz DPI Certificate

Wintz ASE Certification

Lease ASE Professional Development

Wintz ASE Professional Development

  1. overall goals of the program

The Wisconsin Automotive YA Program is designed to provide students with a working understanding of occupational and technical skills within two entry level pathways within the TDL industry. This program provides the framework for educators and industry to work together to produce work-ready, entry-level employees that will compete favorably in a global market, as well as, provide for post-secondary educational advancement while integrating work-based learning in the school and worksite.

YA Automotive Brochure

Dane County School Consortium Automotive Website

DWD Automotive Website