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Standard 02 – Administration

Program Administration should ensure that instructional activities support and promote the goals of the program.


Documents to collect include the following:

A. Show an example of certificate,diploma, transcript, or degree plan.

A. Show an example of the certificate, diploma, transcript, or degree plan.

All students receive their high school diploma.  Students also receive a Certificate of Occupational Proficiency from the State Department of Workforce Development for completion of the youth apprenticeship program and a Certificate of Completion from the Automotive Youth Education System.  Students who have mastered the requirements of the program will receive direct credit or advance standing in the Madison College.

Completed copies of the Youth Apprenticeship checklist and certificates may be obtained through the Dane County School to Career office at no charge.

Student Competency Checklist

AYES Certificate of Achievement

YAP Occupational Proficiency Skill Standards Award

Madison College AYES

Roles Responsibilities DCSC & Coordinators

Standard 2.2 – CHAIN OF COMMAND

Documents to collect include the following:

A. Show a copy of the school organizational chart or list of program contact information.

A. Rate  the organizational chart or list designating the responsibilities and authorities of program personnel.

Oregon H.S. Organization Chart

Madison College Organization Chart

DCSC Organization Chart

Job Descriptions


Documents to collect include the following:

A. – F. Provide a copy of the school policy or letter of support from the administration that addresses the various issues of planned in-service and update training; tools, equipment, and service publications; curriculum; and budget preparation.

A. Rate the administrative support for implementing the on-site evaluation team recommendations made at the previsous on-site evaluation.  N/A for initial accreditation.

Division administration encourages and supports instructors in their efforts to attend regional and national conventions and work shops.  Professional Development funds are available for the Oregon Auto Staff and Madison College staff who teach the YA and AYES programs.  There are a number of inservice days each year where faculty may attend a wide variety of training.  In addition there are many opportunities to participate in both on and off campus training and professional development classes throughout the year and through out the summer.

Oregon Letter of Administrative Report

Instructor Professional Development Opportunities

WATDA Instructor Training

B. Rate the administrative support that demonstrates provisions have been made for instructors to attend planned in-service and update training on a regular basis

Oregon Letter of Administrative Report

Lease Professional Development

Wintz Professional Development

Letter of Support

C. Rate the administrative support in terms of providing necessary resources to ensure the program is supplied with adequate tools, equipment, and service publications required to meet program goals and objectives.

The program has the equipment to deliver high quality automotive service training.  Major equipment items include one combination scan tool/lab scope. 5 gas exhaust gas analyzers, one brake lathe, one tire changing and balancing, and assorted specialty tools.

Oregon School District  Tools & Equipment List

MATC Tools & Equipment List

Scan Tool

5 Gas 

Brake Lathe

Tire Changer



The program also maintains an assortment of seven vehicles that are donated for training purposes.  Manufacturer, private owners and other schools have donated these vehicles.

Students have agreements with mentors on tool usage while at the worksite.

D. Rate the administrative support for on-going curriculum development, review, and revision. 

Teachers are given curriculum development and prep time to review and revise their curriculum.  The effectiveness of the automotive curriculum is reviewed with Madison College staff along with following NATEF Standard requirements.  Youth Apprenticeship is also aligned with NATEF.  The State of Wisconsin Curriculum writer to updates and revises the auto program relative to NATEF and industry requirements.  Both the Oregon School district and Madison College administration supports teachers to improve their teaching and curriculum.

Oregon Administration Letter of Support

E. Rate the extent to which the institution administration involves the program faculty in preparation of the annual budget.

The Oregon Automotive Instructor develops an annual budget and submits it to the High School Principal.  The Madison College Automotive Program Director and instructional staff have direct input into their budget process.  Madison College supply budget for the academic year 2012/13 is adequate.  Credit cost for students to attend Madison College during the second year of the youth apprenticeship program is paid for by the school district.

Oregon Administration Letter of Support

F. Rate the extent to which the institution administration is involved in and attends program advisory meetings.

Advisory Minutes


Documents to collect include the following:

A. – C. Provide a copy of the school policy and teacher/student handbook with pages marked with sticky notes and references highlighted.

A. Have written policies regarding student and institutional responsibilities have been approved by the administrative and/or policy board.

Written policies are in effect and have been approved by the appropriate administrative/institutional entities.  The policies are reviewed and updated as needed.

AYES and Youth Apprenticeship Students review participation requirement previous to coming into the program and are reviewed by the instructor and mentor periodically.

Dane County YA/AYES Participation

Department of Workforce Development Student Responsibilities

Dane County School Consortium Website

Youth Apprenticeship Selection Criteria

Madison College Code of Conduct

Youth Apprenticeship Application

Youth Apprenticeship Operation Guide

B. Rate the written policies regarding safety, liability, and lab/shop operation in terms of being prominently displayed in the lab/shop area.

Students receive a copy of the lab rules before they are allowed to work in the lab.  Appropriate safety signs are located throughout the automotive lab.  Each year students complete the S/P2 Safety Training.

SP2 (Online Safety Course)

Pictures of Lab rules

Student Lab Rules handout

C. Rate the policies in terms of being provided to each student and instructor.

Students receive a copy of lab rules on the first day of class.  Faculty discusses and instructs on proper safety techniques as an integral part of each course.  All students must pass the safety test for each area before being allowed to do lab work.

Student Lab Rules handout


Documents to collect include the following:

A. – B. This applies only to programs that use customer vehicles. Show the policy statement on collecting, disbursing, and accounting for funds.

A. Rate the system used to collect, document and disburse customer work repair receipts (N/A if no customer work is done)


B. Rate the use of support staff to collect payment for customer work repairs. (N/A if no money is ever exchanged.



Documents to collect include the following:

A. Provide copies of Policies and Procedures. Post Haz-Mat signs. Show MSDS sheets.

A. Rate the training program in terms of compliance with applicable local, state, and federal requirements.

YA State YA Liability Automotive Technician

Standard 2.7 – FIRST AID

Documents to collect include the following:

A. Rate the availability of a written policy apporved by the school administration on First Aid administration and the instructors’ knowledge of these procedures.

A. Rate the availability of a written policy approved by the school administration on First Aid administration and instructor’s knowledge of these procedures.

Oregon Board Policy for First Aide and Health Care

Madison College First Adie Policy