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Standard 03 – Learning Resources

Support Material, consistent with both program goals and performance objectives, should be available to staff and students.


Documents to collect include the following:

A. State the location of all service information such as manuals, CDs, on-line access, etc.

A. Rate the availability of service information with procedures and specifications for vehicles manufactured within the last 10 years by the major manufacturers.

The program maintains a library of appropriate reference manuals (electronic and paper).  The manuals are located in the automotive lab.  Current service information is provided on-line for staff and students; however, information is also available in hard copy from major manufacturers and after market suppliers.

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B. Rate the availability of the manufacturer’s specification data in terms of location to the lab/shop area.

Technical reference manuals are maintained in a dedicated area in the automotive lab.  Students use these manuals as they work to complete lab projects.

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Standard 3.2 – MULTIMEDIA

Documents to collect include the following:

A. Provide a list and give location of all technology available for student and instructor use.

A. Rate the use of current multimedia technology in the training process as appropriate.

The program has an extensive assortment of current multimedia materials.

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B. Rate availability of multimedia materials for instructional purposes.

The media and hardware is dedicated to the program.  The equipment is kept in a secured area and used as required.

The faculty controls the use of the multimedia materials for training purposes.

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Standard 3.3 – PERIODICALS

Documents to collect include the following:

A. Provide a list, give the location, and show examples of periodicals.

A. Rate the general and technical automotive magazines and newspapers available for student and instructor use in terms of being current.

Oregon High School provides a multimedia specialist on staff for the program.  Media specialists are available at Madison College to deal with any media problems that arise. Prompt service is a phone call away from computer services, instructional media services as well as library services.

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Documents to collect include the following:

A. Provide a copy of each textbook and other materials used for instruction.

A. Rate the pertinent instructional texts, resources and e-learning materials available for each student in terms of satisfying the objectives of the mode of instruction.  Basic and specialty learning resources should have copyright dates that are not over six (6) years old.

Students are provided with appropriate textbooks.

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