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Standard 05 – Student Services

Systematic skills assessment, interviews, counseling services, placement, and follow-up procedures should be used.


Documents to collect include the following:

A. Provide the policy statement and a description of the process used for skills assessment. Skills assessment may take place prior to or early in the program. Provide a copy of the assessment instrument, if available.

B. Provide program explanatory material with pertinent information highlighted. Note availability for students.

C. Highlight pertinent information in program materials, catalog, brochure, etc.

A. Rate the use of a basic assessment instrument (used for recommendations for development, intervention, and/or student placement) for automotive students in the following areas:  (rate collectively, not individually)

  1. Reading
  2. Mathematics and science

All students take the 10th grade Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination however students do take the Compass test if entering the Madison College Automotive program upon graduation.  All students who have an interest in participating and who have met requirements are able to participate in the Automotive training program.  There is not gpa requirements for participating in the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Program.  Students must be on-track for High School graduation along with being recommended by the school district.

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria Scoring Rubric

Youth Apprenticeship Application

Steps to Participating in the Youth Apprenticeship Program

Dane County School Consortium Automotive Program Website

DPI State Assessment

B. Rate the documentation of testing procedures and how the results will be used in the program explanatory material and its availability to all interested parties.

When prospective students are counseled, the Counselor and/or Faculty, explain the program entrance requirements.  Students will have participated in the WKCE exam at 10th grade.  Student testing to date has not been used as criteria for entering the youth apprenticeship program.  Students are screened for entrance into the program using an interview process and are scored on an entrance rubric.  Students’ further participation in youth apprenticeship is determined on their individual performance during the first semester of the automotive technician program. Upon entering the Madison College for continued education students will take the Compass exam/

Compass Testing Madison College

Youth Apprenticeship Selection Criteria

Youth Apprenticeship Selection Criteria Scoring

Youth Apprenticeship Application Form

 Note:  Assessment materials are available for review by the evaluation team in the School to Career Office.

C. Rate the availability of written justification for all requirements.

Department of Workforce Development YA Operation Manual

Info Night Presentation 2013

Steps to Participating in the Youth Apprenticeship Program


Documents to collect include the following:

A. Highlight access to the career counseling process and student services available , as sited in catalog or other materials.

A. Rate the use of student counseling on automotive careers prior to program admission.

Students are processed through the Counseling and Admissions Office.  A counselor and/or School to Career Coordinator will interview the student and provide information about the program such as a course of study, academic calendar, Information Packets, preadmission interview dates, and offer to either take the student or make arrangements for a tour of the facility.


Information Meetings

Dane County School Consortium Automotive Website

Standard 5.3 – PLACEMENT

Documents to collect include the following:

A. Provide the policy or explanation of the placement process.

A. Rate the placement system used to assist students in obtaining employment in the automotive industry upon graduation.

The students’ interview with sponsoring dealerships/repair facilities in accordance with published criteria for admission to the program.  Recruitment of businesses is a partnership between Dane County School Consortium staff and local school districts.  Students are given information to call the participating business to set up an interview.  After the interview the business notifies the student they have accepted into the internship program.

Youth Apprenticeship Application

Madison College Automotive Employment Opportunity

Madison College Finding Employment

Madison College Tech Connect

Madison College Gainful Employment



Documents to collect include the following:

A.  – D. Provide an explanation and a sample document.

E. Describe the procedure to use the information obtained in follow-up and give an example of changes made to program based feedback, if available.

A. Rate the annual formal follow-up system used to determine graduates employment location or continuing education..

Student follow-up and tracking is maintained by Madison College and the Dane County School Consortium office.

Madison College Graduate Follow-up

Dane County Youth Apprenticeship Follow-up

B. Rate the annual follow-up procedure/survey used to obtain the graduates  assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of their training.

C. Rate the annual follow-up procedure/survey  in terms of obtaining feedback regarding needed additions or deletions to the training:

  1. Curriculum/Classroom instruction
  2. program/skills learned
  3. tools and equipment.

Student Survey

Student Survey Results

D. Rate the annual follow-up system used to obtain information from program graduates who are employed outside of the automotive industry.

The staff will consider any information received from the Follow-up Survey.

E. Rate the use of the information from annual follow-up procedures/surveys to modify the training program.

The staff will consider any information received from the Follow-up Survey.