STC Coordinator

Welcome School to Career Coordinators. We are so thrilled to have a partnership with you and your school. The information contained on this page is to assist you in your position. If you have questions, be sure to reach out to Josh at 608-316-1358 or

STC Resources

Student Certification Requirements

Both Construction and the Health Programs require your students to have the certifications. If you have any questions, please reach out to Josh at 608-316-1358 or Construction

  1. OSHA 10
  2. First Aid
  3. Electrical Pathway: Students need electrical certificates (DSPS Link to Application)


  1. CPR
  2. NA Certification for Nursing Pathway

YA Documents

Marketing Materials

STC Coordinator Information YA Forms
  1. Student Eval – Employability
  2. Student Eval- Advanced
  3. Student Eval – Informal (google)

New YA Coordinator Training

This list aligns with the new YA coordinator training binder! Coordinator Cover Sheet DCSC Programs School to Career Calendar Youth Apprenticeship Program Areas by Pathway YA program operation Guide YAP Monitoriing YA process flow chart DCSC Course Codes-Roster Codes YA Designated Funds Updated Coordinator Time Sheet DCSC Progam/Class Flyers YA Student Recruitment application flowchart Steps to participating in YA YA application package DCSC Related Courses YA Student Handbook Selection Criteria Rubric Rubric Scoring Sheet Student Screening Memo regarding Screening Sheets ETA Data YA Student Spotlight YA Employer Spotlight Student Evaluation - Discussion Student Evaluation - Explanations Level II - Quarterly Evaluation YA Job Guides Student Termination form YA Journals


School To Career Events!