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Youth Apprenticeship

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The Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program provides school-based and work-based learning to high school students. Students are able to learn real-world career skills through a variety of Youth Apprenticeship choices. Discussion with a school counselor or School to Career Coordinator is the first step to helping a student choose an option that best meets his or her needs and career goals. Scroll to learn more about the amazing opportunities the Youth Apprenticeship Program has to offer!

YA Information Nights
 Are held annually in January, February and March.  Did you miss it? 
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Key Components of YA:


Available to HS Juniors and Seniors


​Students work a minimum of 450 Paid Hours of Employment, 10-15 hrs/week, often during the school day. Current Average Wage $14.86/hr


​Students gain the necessary power skills needed for successful careers


​Work a part-time job in a field of actual career interest


​Students enroll in pathway-specific concurrent related instruction (earning industry certifications and/or Dual Credit @ MATC)


Get a Jumpstart on your Career today!

2. Agriculture (2).png
2. Education & Training (4).png
2. Hospitality, Tourism, & Lodging (5).png
2. Manufacturing (4).png
2. Architecture & Construction (6).png
2. Finance (4).png
2. Human Services.png
2. Marketing (4).png
2. Arts, AV Technology, & Communications (2).png
2. Government and Public Administration.png
2. Information Technology (6).png
2. STEM (2).png
2. Business Administration & Management (2).png
2. Health Science (7).png
2. Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security (2).png
2. Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics (2).png

  • Foster frequent positive communication with your child’s Coordinator and Mentor

  • Respect the timing of your communication, and try to limit it during working hours, or only expect a response back during working hours.

  • Get involved in helping your child in their career planning decisions.  This experience will provide them many insights and career ideas, they may not have considered previously

  • Allow for your child “learn from their mistakes”

  • Help your child to be proactive versus reactive

  • Help your child to “problem solve” possible challenges

  • Help your child to reflect on their performance at work and school


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Learn More

YA 101 Presentation

YA to RA


  • Don’t hover over your child, allow them to grow and to build confidence in their abilities

  • Don’t communicate directly with YA staff, encourage your child to advocate for themselves

  • Don’t call your child into WORK.  

  • Expect your child to manage their schedules and activities without your support or guidance

  • Be quick to blame your school/teacher/mentor.  

For Parents

Current YA Employers

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