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We work collaboratively with Dane County School Districts and statewide work-based learning programs to offer educational opportunities related to career exploration. We are providing a pathway for high schooler's to find tomorrow's career TODAY, through hands-on learning opportunities!

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DCSC programming includes:

The Youth Apprenticeship program is a Wisconsin flagship opportunity managed by the Dane County Schools Consortium for schools within Dane County.​

W.I.O.A. ISY is a grant program designed to help youth prepare to transition to the workforce and college.  We operate the STEPS program as a way to support more students  to become Youth Apprentices

Additionally, DCSC partners with post-secondary schools, businesses, and community groups to bring innovative programs to the academic and career success of Dane County students.  This School to Career work is vital to helping more students find their career path before leaving High School

Dane County School Consortium Districts


Dane County’s sixteen member school districts provide great learning opportunities for students and families from Belleville to Wisconsin Heights.

Dane County School Districts

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Meet our Team

Sherry was born and raised in Green Bay, WI and is a loyal Green Bay Packer fan.  She thought as a five year-old that maybe one day she would be a Green Bay Packer Cheerleader!  That certainly happens on Sundays at home, but definitely not in a crowded stadium! Sherry’s title here at DCSC is Project Assistant to the Youth Apprenticeship Program.


Sherry Zimmerman

DCSC - Project


Dave is a certified global career development facilitator and educator. Before working for DCSC, he taught job skills and language arts. He lives in Madison with his wife and enjoys swimming, painting, and running tabletop games.


Dave Ruthenberg


Career Planner

Josh holds a B.S. in Business and Marketing Education from UW-Stout and his M.S. in Educational Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University. He spent 14 years as a classroom teacher, and the last seven years as the director of the Dane County School Consortium.


Josh Fassl

Dane County School Consortium Director

My approach to career planning is rooted in empathy, open communication, and collaboration. I strive to create a supportive and empowering environment where participants feel comfortable discussing their ambitions, challenges, and concerns. By fostering strong relationships and trust.

Freida Brown IMG-0714.jpg

Freida Brown

DCSC - In-School Youth Career Planner

Hi! My name is Valery Vayserberg, and I am the Dane County School Consortium's current Marketing Apprentice for the 2023-2024 School Year! I am currently a senior at McFarland High School and compete in our DECA chapter! I plan on attending college to major in Economics and History.


Valery Vayserberg

DCSC - Marketing Apprentice

Hi my name is Cord Smith and I am the IT apprentice at DCSC. I plan on going to college for computer science next year.


Cord Smith



Events Notices

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