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Grow Your Pipeline of Talent

A strong recruitment plan is essential for broadening the talent base of your company. Many students who finish a Youth Apprenticeship program frequently move into either full-time or part-time positions with the program's sponsoring employer while continuing their education beyond high school. By participating in the Youth Apprenticeship program, you not only support the development of skilled apprentices who match your company's needs but also have the opportunity to decrease employee turnover and retention expenses by smoothly transitioning program graduates into full-time roles.

Who is a Youth Apprentice?

Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship program integrates school-based and work-based learning to provide students with employability and occupational skills.
Motivated Students are seeking entry into a specific career program area that aligns with their long-term career and training plans.  These students have completed the YA application process and have been given introductory employability skill training.

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Employer Benefits of Youth Apprenticeships Through the DCSC


Recruitment image



Develop a recruitment pipeline and train future employees


Opportunities image

Opportunities ​

Provide supervisory opportunities for your staff.


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Increase workforce diversity. Age diversity. Technology diversity. 


Highly Motivated Students image

Highly Motivated Students 

Work with highly motivated students and create positive relationships with local school districts.


Technical Skills image

Technical Skills 

Students gain technical skills in the classroom that help them perform at a high level on the Work site.


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Influence  Curriculum 

Provide influence on curriculum offerings and student Program Areas: preparation.


Reduce Turnover image

Reduce Turnover 

Reduce employee turnover and retaining costs by hiring youth apprentice graduates. Over 80% stay with their employer after HS graduation.

Getting your Business Involved

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