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Abbie Harrington


Class Of 



Oak Park Place


Health Science

What did you love about YA?

Healthcare is a path that not everyone is made for. You can know everything you need to know but if you don't have a good bedside manner to speak with patients, it's a hard field. My favorite part about the experience I had with YA was the relationships I got to make with the residents in the long-term care facility. I worked at OPP for 3 years and most of the residents knew me from start to finish and helped me build my confidence in health care which is really special. I also loved being able to gain skills that I can carry into my nursing profession. You can tell nurses who have been CNAs from those who haven't. I am forever grateful for everything Oak Park Place gave me to be a great nurse.

How did YA influence your plans after high school?

The YA program ensured me that I wanted to be a nurse one day. Working as a CNA at Oak Park Place showed me I was headed down the right career path by going to nursing school. When Covid hit my senior year and school went online, my job did not stop. It was rewarding to be able to go to work every day and be a ray of light for the residents who couldn't see their families. This showed me I was right where I was meant to be. It also is such a great program to be able to put on your resume.

What do you want others to know about YA?

If you are unsure if a field you want to go into is right for you, YA is great because you get real hands-on experience to figure out if it is a fit for you. It helps you build great connections in the area you want to pursue and gives you experiences you wouldn't be able to get in a normal high school class day.

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