STEM Engineering - Leis Ben - Mount Hore

In the Engineering pathway, students study and apply principles of  science and math to solve problems in engineering projects involving design, development or production in various technologies.

See our YA Engineering Student, Spencer @ Evco Plastics.

Student Testimonial

“My experience with Evco has driven me to be more interested in Engineering, which I am already enthusiastic about. I enjoy planning out projects and seeing them through which has helped me learn how to problem-solve. Youth Apprenticeship gives students a real-life experience in the field that school just can’t do. This is what makes Youth Apprenticeship so great.”

Pharis Martin, Class of 2020, DeForest

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  • Science & Math Pathway
  • Bioscience Lab Foundations Unit
  • Bioscience Applications Unit

Career Opportunities

Given the critical nature of STEM career fields, job possibilities are plentiful even in times of economic downturn. More scientists, technologists and engineers will be needed to meet environmental regulations and to develop methods of cleaning up existing hazards. A shift in emphasis toward preventing problems rather than controlling those that already exist, as well as increasing public health concerns, also will spur demand for these positions. A career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics is exciting and ever-changing. Students who pursue one of these career fields will be involved in planning, managing and providing scientific research including laboratory testing services and research and development services. Students in STEM career fields learn and practice skills that prepare them for diverse post-secondary opportunities. These opportunities could include tow or four-year college programs, apprenticeships or employment. The Youth Apprenticeship Program in collaboration with Career and Technical Education courses will introduce you to a variety of interesting careers. Career Opportunities:

  • Biologist or Microbiologist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Biochemist
  • Forensic Science Technician
  • Lab and Supply Technician
  • Nuclear Equipment Operation

Entrance Criteria

  • Apply for the program during second semester of sophomore or junior year in high school
  • Display a genuine interest in the Biotechnology Pathway
  • Have previously enrolled in introductory pathway specific courses
  • Register for concurrent related courses
  • Submit a completed application along with references
  • Interview effectively and get hired
  • Maintain a high level of attendance
  • Secure transportation to the job
  • On-track for high school graduation
  • Enroll in specialized lab course at the Biopharmaceutical Technology Center
Recommended: Biotechnology-related classes before applying for this program Recommended: Successfully complete at least one job-shadow experience prior to applying for this program


Students in the Engineering YA program take classes within their high school or MATC.
Classes that meet the requirements include:

PLTW Engineering, Architectural Design, Civil Engineering*, and Mechanical Design* *MATC Course

Business Partners that support Youth Apprenticeship: