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    YA Alumni SPOTLIGHT OF THE MONTH Abigail Spilde Monona Grove Class Of 2022 Company: Supreme Structures Program: Architecture, Construction What did you love about YA? I really enjoyed being able to learn and grow my understanding of construction on an entirely new level. Networking with new companies every day and seeing them being stunned to see a young woman in construction who is in High School really impressed them. Personally coming from a hands-on learner I highly recommend the YA program, being able to learn not only in the classroom but also on the job site. During my apprenticeship, I really enjoyed being able to go to work everyday before school and get in on the morning action before heading off to my actual school. In the construction world work starts early, luckily I was able to have an early release from my actual classes. My everyday schedule looked like getting up at 5:30 and leaving for work around 6 and reporting to the jobsite location which varied and work until 10 and then go to Monona Grove for school till 3:30 and complete the credits I needed to graduate. How did YA influence your plans after high school? After my experience in the Youth Apprenticeship program it changed ALL my plans. I decided to go to a 4 year university, (University of Wisconsin Platteville) for my bachelors in Construction Management with an emphasis in Construction Safety also two minors in Architecture and Business. After having the opportunity to be working in the real world I knew I could do better and become a project manager for a residential or commercial company. Later eventually creating my own design build residential company. After those years of my life I would like to return to UWP and be a professor and teach all my experiences to a new generation of students. What do you want others to know about YA? Oh absolutely! I believe everyone should do it. It's a wonderful program for all to experience what you think you want to do. It saves money and time to understand what you like to do while you still have a little time left in High School. Many didnt know what they wanted to do but I knew what field I wanted to be into which was construction but what kind? With the YA opportunity I was able to explore the commercial side with a fantastic company called Supreme Structures located in Fitchburg and learn the ins and outs of carpentry, project management, and true hard work. It's definitely worth the time to explore what's out there and the least that would happen is finding out what you like and don't like so in the future you can further make your decision on your life careers. YA Alumni Students View All Belleville View More Evansville View More McFarland View More Mt Horeb View More Stoughton View More Waunakee View More DeForest View More Madison View More Middleton View More New Glarus View More Sun Prairie View More Wisconsin Heights View More Deerfield View More Marshall View More Monona Grove View More Oregon View More Verona View More Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources View More Finance View More Manufacturing View More Transportation View More Architecture & Construction View More Hospitality/Health Science View More Marketing View More Arts A/V View More IT View More STEM View More

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    Oregon YA Alumni Trevor Caldwell STEM Oregon Class Of 2015 View Alumni Ryan Prior STEM Oregon Class Of 2006 View Alumni

  • Architecture, Construction

    Architecture, Construction YA Alumni Abigail Spilde Architecture, Construction View Job Monona Grove Class Of 2022 Tanner Ballweg Architecture, Construction View Job Middleton Class Of 2022 Tristan Furseth Architecture, Construction View Job Deerfield Class Of 2022

  • McFarland

    McFarland YA Alumni Abbie Harrington Health Science McFarland Class Of 2020 View Alumni Caden Boehnen Marketing McFarland Class Of 2023 View Alumni

  • Middleton

    Middleton YA Alumni Tanner Ballweg Architecture, Construction Middleton Class Of 2022 View Alumni

  • Monona Grove

    Monona Grove YA Alumni Abigail Spilde Architecture, Construction Monona Grove Class Of 2022 View Alumni

  • RA

    YA Alumni Abbie Harrington Health Science McFarland Class of 2020 View Job Colton Meinecke STEM Deerfield Class of 2012 View Job Pranab Adhikari Information Technology Madison Class of 2022 View Job Tristan Furseth Architecture, Construction Deerfield Class of 2022 View Job Hans Meganck Finance Waunakee Class of 2018 View Job Reanah Nelson Finance DeForest Class of 2023 View Job Tanner Ballweg Architecture, Construction Middleton Class of 2022 View Job Vaishnav Kumar STEM Verona Class of 2020 View Job Abigail Spilde Architecture, Construction Monona Grove Class of 2022 View Job Gabrielle Erstad STEM DeForest Class of 2019 View Job Trevor Caldwell STEM Oregon Class of 2015 View Job Caden Boehnen Marketing McFarland Class of 2023 View Job Jaymi (Andreas) Bohat Health Science Waunakee Class of 2004 View Job Ryan Prior STEM Oregon Class of 2006 View Job Tyler Millard STEM Stoughton Class of 2020 View Job

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    To see this working, head to your live site. All Posts Categories My Posts Forum Welcome! Have a look around and join the discussions. Sort by: Recent Activity Follow All Categories Create New Post Josh Fassl Wisconsin Southern Rail Road in Career Activities Might be good for any former students, or diesel.... 1 1 comment 1 3d Like 1 comment Comment Josh Fassl CTE Incentive Grants - YA Certificates in STC Reminders Hello All, great meeting yesterday. I got a response from DWD....not what I was looking for regarding getting certificates, but does get you an answer for the CTE incentive grant. 2 comments 2 Sep 15 Like 2 comments Comment Josh Fassl First Supply in YA Job Opportunities Thank you penny for helping to share this out! 0 comments 0 Aug 31 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Developing an Experiential Learning Program in Career Activities Great article on the nuts and bolts of imrpoving experiental learning for students. It it motivates you, talk to your building leadership. 0 comments 0 Aug 23 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl WI National Guard - Airman Experience in Career Activities Had a great meeting with the National Guard this morning, they are considering YA's in Marketing, IT and possible Equipment Maintenance. More to come. This event is for anyone interested in the WI Air National Guard to see what the 115th has to offer. This will include a base tour, lunch, a Q&A 0 comments 0 Jul 14 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl MATC - HVAC courses in General Discussion-Q/A Here's some HVAC courses for your YA students to consider at MATC. Our Evening cohorts typically start in the Spring and finish in the Fall, so there are not a ton of first-semester courses available at night in the Fall. Below are what we will be running that would be appropriate for a high school 0 comments 0 Jun 28 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl YA Education Pathway Information and Reminder in STC Reminders 1. YAs working with Title I schools and special education students As most of you are aware, a document of key information was presented at the recent webinars covering the new YA pathways in the Education and Training YA Program Area. Included in that document were the following statements regard 1 0 comments 0 Jun 21 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Interior Design? in General Discussion-Q/A I have always struggled getting opportunities for interior design....graphic design...etc. Wondering if maybe we do a Hole sponsor, bring a couple of mature students. to assist (with their resumes) and share to the members more about YA and brining on a student....I have some ideas of what our Hole 0 comments 0 Jun 02 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Mold Maker / Tool and Die - Evco Plastics in YA Job Opportunities EVCO is in desperate need of mold makers / tool & die employees. It's a 2 yr degree at MATC along with a 5 yr apprenticeship. We are offering a full ride scholarship for this and would like to get in touch with the Madison School District to promote it for the upcoming years. Can you please send m 0 comments 0 May 25 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl ACTE Region 3 - Springfield MO- June 12-13 in General Discussion-Q/A I've gotten access to the Session List for ACTE in Springfield MO. I'd encourage you to attend if possible! 0 comments 0 May 24 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Thank you Cards? in General Discussion-Q/A Looking for a Great End of Year Assignment for YA's? Have students Mail a thank you card to their mentor? Let us know how many you like and we'll get them mailed to you at your school. 1 3 comments 3 May 22 Like 3 comments Comment Josh Fassl Have a Student for UW Health...Steps to follow in STC Reminders Here are the steps UW Health would like us to follow for their YA positions...UW health is planning to hire 40 YA students for 2023-24 Please have students read through this UW Health document..... 1. Students Attend YA Job Fair on May 24... 2. Students need prior coursework in Health Sciences 3. J 1 2 comments 2 May 12 Like 2 comments Comment Josh Fassl End of Year - Job Guides.... in STC Reminders All YA participants should be submitting a YA job guide to the DCSC office at the conclusion of their 450 hours (Class of 2023 students need to be submitted by May 30th, if hours or skills are not completed; include anticipated dates and a statement of how the YA coordinator would like to secure th 0 comments 0 Apr 26 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Emergency Telecommunications - Jan 2024? in STC Reminders Due to Staffing Shortages and a large need for training of new staff at Dane County Emergency Management they will be unable to offer the course in Fall 2023. We will reach out in October and hopefully have a class in January 2024. Students must be Seniors who will be 18 by May 2024 to enroll. 0 comments 0 Apr 20 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl AV - Field Services YA in YA Job Opportunities For students interested in Electrical, field work, low voltage or's a great opportunity with TDS. The Hiring Manager is a former Student!!! 0 comments 0 Apr 19 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl 365 Leadership Summit in Career Activities In partnership with Madison 365 we have secured 8 student and 2 adult registrations for their Leadership Summit on November 6th. Go to - Before adding any ticket to your cart, you must enter your promo code first. I think it would be great for 1 ad 0 comments 0 6d Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Dental Assistant - Capital Endodontics in YA Job Opportunities I've had about 10 phone calls with different dentists coming in and some emails too...some are doing postings electronically, you'll see the posts show up on the job board.....please have students email me their resume and a note about why they want to apply for a position (email note or letter, 1 comment 1 Sep 05 Like 1 comment Comment Josh Fassl YA Fair - Sept 6 in General Discussion-Q/A 0 comments 0 Aug 23 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl =pathful in Career Activities Have any of your districts considered this platform for Job Shadows? Is your district looking to improve your ACP programming, maybe this could be an option to support your current Xello work? DCSC is willing to sponsor (pay the bill) for a district 0 comments 0 Aug 17 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Construction Coursework? in General Discussion-Q/A Instead of the Construction Training Center Overview Class....wondering if we should plan a Summer Camp, or spring/winter Break experience for 9th-10th graders.... or move the class to just a semester? Looking to Keep Mechanical Trades - with Dave Jones...Wednesday evenings... The electrician is 3 comments 3 Jul 06 Like 3 comments Comment Josh Fassl New CNA classes Posted in General Discussion-Q/A 4 New CNA classes for Fitchburg posted 3 New CNA classes for Waunakee Posted 1 New class for New Glarus More coming for Herzing/Madison East work in progress.. Find them here 1 0 comments 0 Jun 21 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl YA to RA signing Day, please vote! in General Discussion-Q/A 2 comments 2 Jun 15 Like 2 comments Comment Josh Fassl Dental Assistant - Monroe Street Family Dental in YA Job Opportunities If you have a student who may be interested please have them send a letter and resume to me. Preference would be given to students with interest in dental assisting or some coursework completed. Let me know if you need further information from me. Thanks, Amanda MONROE STREET FAMILY DENTAL A patie 0 comments 0 Jun 01 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Creating Awareness for YA - Evansville in STC Reminders Shout Out - May 2023 Kudos to Ms. Linda Gard for her promotional efforts of YA and recognition of their Seniors. Here's some great images of banners that DCSC helped to fund, that spread the work about their students, placements, and apprenticeship opportunities. Addtionally as part of their schoo 1 0 comments 0 May 25 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Quality CNA price Increase in General Discussion-Q/A Got this message.....(seems reasonable to me!) We truly appreciate your continued support of Quality CNA Training. Due to an increase in labor and materials costs, I am sorry to say that for the first time in 7 years, we are in need of adjusting our training fees from $650 to $725. This price increa 0 comments 0 May 23 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Job Guides are Updated in STC Reminders Good news, DWD updated the files and cleaned them up. I've updated our links in the YA job guides on the dcsc website. 1 0 comments 0 May 12 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl YA Job Fair - May 24 in Career Activities Hello 2023-2024 Youth Apprenticeship Applicants, If you have a YA Job, please delete, if not, please keep reading.... DCSC is hosting a YA Job Fair on May 24th from 4:30-6pm. We currently have 20+ employers registered and we will continue to recruit employers based upon student registrations. T 0 comments 0 May 01 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Class of 2023 - Trades Scholarship in Career Activities Daniels Construction is looking to offer a Scholarship for any student interested in the Skilled Trades Area. See details here. Deadline - June 15th, 2023 0 comments 0 Apr 24 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl CNA Training for Madison / Herzing is here!!! in Career Activities Quality CNA has training for CNA at Madison with classes on 6/5, 7/3, and 7/24.... Take a look at the schedules. 0 comments 0 Apr 19 Like 0 comments Comment Josh Fassl Virtual Job Fair - April 26, 2023 1pm-3pm in YA Job Opportunities Hey student's, want to meet some potential employers? Want to get practice virtual interviewing and networking? Take a look at this DWD Virtual Job Fair and it's great list of Employers. Many of them will not know about Youth you can "teach" them about it. Also, practice you 0 comments 0 Apr 18 Like 0 comments Comment Forum - Frameless

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    Finance Back to all programs The Wisconsin Finance YA Program is designed to provide students with a working understanding of core employability and financial services skills, as well as occupationally specific skills that serve as the standard for occupational pathways in the finance and insurance industry. This program provides the framework for educators and industry to work together to produce work-ready, entry-level employees that will compete favorably in a global market, as well as, provide for post-secondary educational advancement while integrating work-based learning in the school and worksite. ​ Finance is a growing field offering opportunities for working with businesses and personal financial needs. Those working in finance can find opportunities in banking., insurance, or accounting. Student Testimonial STUDENT TESITMONIAL ​ “Being a Customer Service Representative at State Bank of Cross Plains has opened my eyes to all sorts of career possibilities and has shown me what it is like to work in a professional environment. It has also helped me determine my college path by showing me more about my interest areas. Not only that . . . everyone has to deal with finances at some time in their life and I have such a better understanding now!” Emma Thompson, Class of 2019, Mount Horeb Businesses that sponsor YA VIEW ALL

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